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The University's Organization

The Board of Uppsala University is called Konsistoriet and it has the overall responsibility for the university's scientific, pedagogical, economic and administrative affairs. Board members include representatives for teachers/researchers, other staff and students as well as representatives for the public interest. Under the board, the operation of the university is directed by the Vice-Chancellor. The Vice-Chancellor is assisted by three deputy Vice-Chancellors who each act as Vice-Chancellors of their respective area board. These boards manage the activity of the three scientific areas: the Arts and Social Sciences, Medicine and Pharmacy, and Science and Technology. The Faculty of Law is placed within the area of the Arts and Social Sciences.

The Faculty

The Faculty consists of the staff members who are employed as professors, research assistants or lecturers. Likewise, those office holders who are employed by the research councils and by other universities within the region are included in the Faculty. The Faculty has assignments related to the appointment of the Vice-Chancellor, the deputy Vice-Chancellor of the area of Art and Social Sciences and the Dean of the Faculty, as well as the election of the Faculty Board members. It also decides upon the appointment of honorary doctors.

The Faculty Board

The Board of the Faculty of Law is the highest decision-making body for the Faculty of Law and the Law Department. The board leads the development of both research and education. It deals with policy issues relating to the research and undergraduate studies requirements of the faculty and, for higher authorities, puts forward plans for the effective utilisation of resources.

The Faculty Board which consists of 14 members, includes representatives for professors and lecturers, other employees as well as students. The board, under the presidency of the Dean, meets approximately four times each semester. The decisions to be taken by the board are prepared by different committees (see below). The Dean is responsible for reporting on questions concerning university and faculty policies, the Vice-Dean as regards research and research studies, the Head of the Department in relation to institutional and financial matters and the Chair of Teaching Committee in respect to matters relating to undergraduate studies. 

The Office for Arts and Social Sciences safeguards the Faculty of Law's interest at the university's central administation and is, among other things, a preparation body for the Faculty Board. Departmental directors Bo Wennström and Ingrid Henriksson, among others, work in the office. Ingrid Henriksson is the Principal Administrative Officer.

The Research Committee

The Research Committee works to promote research at the faculty. A representative for the doctoral candidates is included in the board's membership. The Research Committee determines questions concerning, among other things, admission to doctoral studies, appointment of supervisors for doctoral candidates, ranking of applicants for employment as doctoral candidates, individual study plans, scholarships for doctoral candidates, syllabuses for doctoral research courses, grants from the faculty's research funds, utilisation of faculty resources for research and doctoral studies, and appointment of the examining board and the opponent for defence of doctoral and licentiate theses.

The Teaching Committee

The Teaching Committee is responsible for the general policy issues concerning the undergraduate program (in the Swedish system the undergraduate degree is the "Master of Laws") and for special courses within the faculty's field of activities. It deals with pedagogical questions which concern undergraduate studies and proposes to the Faculty Board changes and reforms. The board has the right to make decisions in respect to a number of issues regarding undergraduate studies. The board's chair, secretary and student representative decide on questions about scholarships for undergraduate students.

The Dean

The Dean, Professor in Procedural Law, Torbjörn Andersson, is the Faculty's principal representative. The Dean represents the faculty in centrally-made decisions about the university in the important preparation body - the Area Board for Arts and Social Sciences. The Dean is the Chair of the Faculty Board, the Faculty and the recruitment groups. The Faculty Board's Vice-Chair, Associate Professor in Private Law, Anna Singer, is the Vice Dean. She is also the Chair of the Research Committee with special responsibility for questions about research and doctoral studies.

The Head of the Department

The Head of the Department, Associate Professor in Administrative Law, Olle Lundin, is accountable under the Faculty Board for the department's administration. He is, thus, responsible for the day to day leadership of the acitivity in the department and ensures that it is carried out in accordance with existing regulations. It is the Head of the Department who decides in respect to questions about teaching duties, appointments as research candidates, and other staff business and in relation to matters about the department's rooms and equipment etc. He is also responsible for the economy of the department.

Other decision-making and management bodies

The Faculty also has a referee group, two recruitment groups (one for the preparation of appointments professor and one for lecturers and research assistants), one a committee on equality and non-discrimination, and one nominations committee.

Law Library

The Law Library in Uppsala is one of Uppsala University Library's independent library units. In the summer of 1995 the Law Library moved to its current premises at Klostergatan 3.